Hungarian notation

by Christopher Küttner

Interesting interview with Charles Simonyi in which he reveals some insight on his famous Hungarian notation :

Very similar to the idea of calling people Taylor if they were tailors and Smyth if they were blacksmiths.

So if you have a structure with certain properties, instead of giving it some arbitrary name and then having everybody learn the association between the name and the properties, you use the properties themselves as the name. This method has a lot of advantages. First, it’s very easy to create a name–as you think of the properties, you write them down and immediately have the name. Second, it is very understandable, because as you read something you learn a lot about the properties from the name. As these properties get more and more numerous, it becomes difficult to describe them concisely.

Something like this for the data files would be cool. Things I’ve seen so far deal with metadata like dates and authorship. Putting metadata into file names is a bad idea. But done anyway. Maybe I can hack the file name extensions somehow? Let’s see.