by Christopher Küttner

Okay, starting this with my definition of what makes a blog a blog.  I want to get a hold on how my understanding in this matter evolves over time while being involved with blogging.  So, what is my current thought on this?

To be a blog, a thing must be, of course somewhere on the web.  That’s the web part.  A logging thing residing on cable TV network wouldn’t be a blog, for instance, because “Hey, it’s on the cable network” not on the web.

Second thing to consider: it should be in reversed chronological order.  A log of something.  Not a hierarchical tree, a directory or a wiki.  Not a closed format like a movie series.  Open-ended content stream, in any media (outside the author’s brains) about something, anything really, and in the above stated order.

That’s the minimum definition I can come up with.  Others have stated more requirements, but I think those definitions are to closed and not hard-edged enough for my taste.