Gefangen in der eigenen Intelligenz

by Christopher Küttner

Eine Auflistung von weit verbreiteten Karrierefallen, in die insbesondere intelligente Leute häufig laufen.  Der Beitrag geht auch auf Ursachen ein:

they are unwilling to explore themselves enough to see an individual course

Und was die Designstrategen über die Schule schreiben, lässt bei mir die Glocken der Wahrheit leuten:

Smart people are good at school, and so they are tempted to stay in school their whole lives. The problem with this is that for most academics, they get into a spiral of irrelevance and isolation from the rest of the world.


They leave school thinking that the way to be useful and show your smarts is to point out why things won’t work, rather than using some of those smart to find a way forward.

Auch in den Kommentaren wird etwas Richtiges gesagt:

Idle hands
Smart people are most comfortable up in their heads. So they often neglect learning how to do actual things – fix a bike, code a web page, kern type, build a desk, grow a tomato – for themselves. They see it as something some trade school type can do