by Christopher Küttner

I use the categories as my GTD contexts (@eMail, @phone, @mindmanager, etc).

I use the ABC priority field to capture timing (A=Today, B=This week, C=This month, D=Defer)

I assign everything a Medium priority except those “A” items targeted for today that I ABSOLUTELY must get done that day. These I assign a High priority -and make a commitment to myself not not to let them slip.

Using View Manger I have defined a limited number of Views (ToDo, WaitingFor, MindManager) that let me focus as I desire. By excluding the MindManager context from my ToDo view I keep hard edges around my “Doing” mode vs my “Brainstorming/Planning” modes. By filtering my ToDo on my high priority, “A” items I keep focus on those critical next actions.