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In meetings, I have often implemented what I heard Robert Peake say he does in meetings, namely, write 4 columns on a white board labelled “Problem”, “solution”, “next step”, and “who owns it”.


Level 1: Action items — these are the next actions; single, specific items that can be done.

Level 2: RPM blocks — RPM blocks require more than one next action to accomplish. Each RPM block has its own outcome, purpose, and massive action plan (MAP). An RPM block might take a day to a week to complete.

Level 3: Projects — Projects take more than a week to complete and sometimes even months. They are comprised of both next actions and RPM blocks, where the next actions all lead to the outcome specified in the RPM block. You can also have next actions that need to be done that don’t necessarily fit into an RPM block. Of course, according to the TOYL philosophy, one could create an RPM block of these seemingly disconnected next actions.

Level 4: Mega-projects — These are huge projects, with perhaps multiple outcomes, milestone events, and may be comprised of more than one project to complete. Think of building my own house from scratch. 🙂 

Level 5: Categories of Improvement (COI). These are the same as your areas of focus, or your specific roles in life via the Covey approach.

Level 6: Areas of Management — Most people have two of these — Professional and Personal.

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