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organizing your home folder

the problem: apple’s software and the *nix programs all create their directories in the home folder. so, who rules over my home folder? certainly not me. however, to make things easy and just standard (no time lost due to fiddling with the machine) regarding security, backup and permission issues i’ll keep the one home folder for everything approach. how do i keep an organizing structure without:

  • patching my whole software library to not use the home folder (too much work)
  • getting disturbed by the apple-folders an dot-files
  • vendor lock-in by relaying too heavy on spotlight specific features or meta-data to find things

the whole scheme should make some sense. sorting computer files by media type (i.e. images, movies) is complete without merit. it’s the same mindset that encodes web pages in ascii.

  • sorting plainly by project sounds good, except it is not scaleable (the list will get too long someday)