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Disabling third party cookies

Your browser will almost certainly allow you to set a preference for how to handle cookies.  Some browsers come with the default setting of “not allowing third party cookies”.  This is a matter of user privacy and of how much of your online behavior is known to outsiders.

You can read  about Google’s efforts to circumvent your settings on the Wall Street Journal, Daring Fireball and Battellemedia.

Skimming the discussion on Hacker News, I made a sidenote in my head about the Mozilla Foundation’s handling of this issue:

Given that Mozilla claims they “fight for the users,” is there a reason Firefox doesn’t also default to only allowing first-party cookies? (Perhaps it has something to do with the massive deal with Google that represents 90% of their revenues?)


Mozilla is willing to break html5 video for all intents and purposes because h264 isn’t open enough (but this oddly helps Google) and allow third party cookies by default of reasons that make no sense (but this oddly helps Google) and it gets it’s money from… Oh that’s weird.

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